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TRD by Motul

MOTUL Asia Pacific has collaborated with TRD Asia Co. Ltd to develop a co-branded 100% synthetic based TRD Sport Oil by MOTUL product range.

The coming together of TRD and Motul now allows regular drivers to have a performance-orientated lubricant running through their machines. With this product line, drivers can look forward to a sportier drive, and enjoy features such as engine-protection and wear-reduction.

TRD Asia Co. Ltd manages the full-scale overseas development of the Toyota Racing Development. The entire range of TRD Sports Oil by MOTUL is designed for a wide range of Toyota automotive vehicles and especially suitable for Australian climate and driving habits.

For better fuel consumption and improved engine performance, insist on using MOTUL Lubricants on your next oil change.

Phil Gilbert Parts is prould to offer the TRD by Motul oils, lubricants and merchandise range to reflect TRD by Motul's and Phil Gilbert Parts sporting efforts.

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