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In 2003, NISMO and MOTUL formed a strategic partnership in the motor sports world. The result is the Competition Oil Series, a line of original motor oil products in constant development till this very day. Each of these motor oils was optimized at the track, in actual competition across a range of racing categories. And each of these motor oils has helped bring the NISMO MOTUL team to the head of the finish line. 

2009 SUPER GT SERIES(GT300)2009 SUPER Taikyu SERIES2009 D1 GRAND PRIX SERIES2008 SUPER GT SERIES(GT3000)2007 SUPER Taikyu SERIES2008 Tokachi 24-Hour Race2007 D1 GRAND PRIX SERIES2008 Tokachi 24-Hour RaceGT500

Regarding the NISMO-MOTUL partnership

MOTUL posses the history of 150 years and still continues to play important roles in the race industry worldwide such as Le Mans, FIA GT and WTCC. Upon placing itself in the race industry, the MOTUL engineers have made direct communications with the engineers and the mechanics of the racing teams on site to develop oils that meet various demands made by the teams. Sympathizing with the MOTUL's policy in oil development, NISMO and MOTUL have agreed to bond a partnership in the Motorsport area.

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