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Genuine Toyota Hilux TGN 2.7 Petrol (2004 - Current) Complete DIY Service Kit

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Product Description: 

Complete DIY Service Kit to suit Toyota Hilux TGN model with a 2.7 Petrol motor with Genuine Air Conditioning from 2004 to the current model.

Kit includes:

  • Replacement Genuine Oil Filter (The Toyota Genuine Diesel Oil Filter is designed to filter carbon as well as other contaminants. Non-genuine oil filters may fail to filter carbon, causing dirty oil, black smoke emissions, increased fuel consumption and engine wear).
  • Genuine Air Filter (The Toyota Genuine Filter Element is needle-punched to allow for a smooth, efficient flow of filtered air to the combustion chamber for clean ignition of fuel. Its dust catching ability is up to 30% higher than a normal after-market type filter. Lesser quality air filters often use poorly constructed seals and filter elements which allow dust and impurities into the engine, causing problems such as poor engine idle, extra fuel consumption and unnecessary engine wear).
  • Genuine Fuel Filter (Only Toyota Genuine Fuel Filters are designed specifically for each individual model Toyota. They are constructed of high quality materials, which are both airtight and highly heat resistant. And most importantly, they are designed to fit fuel lines precisely. Other non-genuine filters may need to be 'forced' onto fuel lines, which can cause fuel leakages and increase the chances of creating a fire hazard)
  • 4 Toyota Genuine Spark Plugs (Spark plugs must operate within a precise heat range. If they work outside that range, the plug will not operate at optimum efficiency, which can result in poor starting, reduced performance under load, and increased fuel consumption. At first glance, all spark plugs look pretty much the same. However, there are many distinguishing features between spark plugs that can make enormous differences to the way your engine performs. In fact, non-genuine spark plugs might not only reduce performance, they can also increase the chances of damage to your engine).
  • Genuine Drive Belt (In order to operate, your Toyota's engine relies on many other 'helping hands' around it. These include the cooling fan, water pump, power steering pump, alternator, and air conditioning compressor. All must work in perfect harmony to provide electrical charge, cooling, and other energies for safe, comfortable driving. All of these components rely on one piece of equipment, the drive belt, to perform their many mechanical tasks. Drive belts quite literally keep the many wheels of the engine turning. Drive Belt is to suit Hilux with Toyota Genuine Air Conditioning only).
  • Genuine Pollen Filter (As you drive around, millions of microscopic particles enter your car's interior via the ventilation/air conditioning system.To protect your driving comfort and wellbeing Toyota Genuine Cabin Air Filters do a brilliant job of trapping all sorts of airborne particles, such as smoke and pollens before they enter the car's cabin).
  • Genuine Wipper Rubber Inserts (Wiper inserts may all look alike, but they don’t all fit or work alike. They’re made specifically for your vehicle, so installation takes just minutes. Compression molded rubber makes for optimum wiping performance and enhanced visibility. These will only suit Toyota Genuine Wiper Arms. Inserts and Arms shown. Inserts included only).
  • Genuine Sump Plug Washer (Please note we are not able to add diff gaskets in these kits as differntial set ups can vary such as some having a locker diff system and another not. If you would like any help in regards to this please click the Help link below).
  • Anti Smear Windsceen Washer Additive (Removes Bugs, Stops Smearing, Dissolves road Grime & Helps reduce wear & tear). 

Please note images are a guide only. Part(s) may look slightly different to the images provided. Your layout may also differ. Photo of kit is actually of the Major Service Kit.




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