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Genuine Toyota Celica Corolla Rav4 Split Boot Kit ST204 AE112 SXA1

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Celica ST204 (Auto); May 1998 - November 1999

Corolla AE112; August 1998 - January 1999

Rav4 SXA1#; june 1994 - January 1999

You may have found in the past that the maintenance and replacement of worn boots has been costly and time consuming. This is usually because the entire driveshaft had to be removed in order for a new boot to be fitted.

Toyota has developed a 'split' boot, which can be fitted quickly without having to remove the driveshaft. That way, you can ensure your CV joints, which are far more costly to replace than a rubber boot, are properly maintained without having to have your car off the road for hours at a time.

Toyota Genuine Split Boot Kits [B14]  are designed as a quick and easy replacement boot when your original boots are damaged so that your car's CV joints remain protected by keeping foreign matter such as stones or sand out.

Your car's front axles have four "constant velocity" or CV joints: two inboard and two outboard joints. The CV joints are encased by the boot, which is usually made of rubber or hard plastic. The boot maintains the CV joints' supply of grease on the inside and repels dirt and water from the outside. After a number of years and a certain amount of mileage, the boot may develop cracks or splits, which can eventually lead to damage to the CV joint.

If you notice a greasy or oily substance on your driveway, around the front or rear wheels of your car or any abnormal clicking noises while driving, your boots may need replacing. Normally, the driveshaft and the CV joint have to be removed to replace a boot. The Toyota split boot kit allows for easier replacement of the boot through its innovative design.

[B14] As the Split Boot Kit is a preventative maintenance part and not an original equipment replacement part, it cannot be fitted and used without affecting the manufacturer's new vehicle warranty. All Toyota Genuine Parts carry a 12 month Toyota Warranty. Conditions apply. The Toyota Genuine Parts Warranty does not limit and may not necessarily exceed your rights under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. Warranty conditions differ for Tyres and Batteries. See relevant sections for details.

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