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86 ZN6 - FA20 - Sept'16 to Oct'17

Built by Passion

The 86 is designed to bring back the sheer exhilaration of sports car driving. It has been developed by and for people with a genuine passion for sports cars.

Called the 86 partly in tribute to its predecessor, the AE86, and partly to signify its 86mm x 86mm bore and stroke.

86 Identity

The 86 is the latest in a long line of exciting sports cars from Toyota. It builds on Toyota's heritage of rear-wheel drive, front-engine sports cars dating back to 1965 with the Sports 800. This was followed by other track-bred cars including the 2000GT, which was generally accepted as Japan's first 'supercar' and the AE86 - the car that is still a favourite with enthusiasts today.


Track-Bred Performance

The 86 shares DNA with some of the most exciting track-proven sports car ever made and it was tested on track at key stages of its development. Professional drivers have been involved from its inception helping with the development of key aspects of the car even down to the steering wheel design.

The car's performance was tested on gruelling tracks such as Fuji Speedway and Shibets in Japan and the Nürburgring in Germany where adverse cambers have been the downfall of many a lesser chassis.

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